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A Natural Difference

Sun Protection

Since the time of Ancient Egypt, the daily appearance of the sun has played a significant role in our well being.  True, the sun is an important source of Vitamin D, however time has taught us that too much sun is indeed harmful. Sun-related skin cancer is on the rise. With the diminishing density in our earth’s ozone layer, it is more important now, than at any other time in history to protect ourselves from this daily visitor.  Our products are all natural, yet scientifically formulated to be effective and safe for use on all members of your family.

Antiox Sun Shade This creamy lotion provides a barrier against solar radiation and protects skin against sun damage. Two compounds work together to block UVA and UVB radiation. Powerful plant antioxidants such as Astaxanthin and Green Tea help protect the skin from oxidative damage, helps counter act wrinkles and prevents moisture loss. Available with or without tint.

Antiox Sun Shade Ultra Formulated to protect the most vulnerable skin types, this crème helps prevent irritations caused by the sun. In addition to sun protection factors, this crème contains antioxidants, moisturizers and ensures ultra protection.  Excellent for all outdoor activities.

Antiox Sun Shade Ultra
Z-PLUS This is the highest quality Zinc Oxide & Titanium Dioxide available today! Specially  formulated with glycerin, Z-Plus  provides a smooth flowing non-chemical sunscreen, that is remarkably breathable.  It’s non-comedogenic and safe for the delicate eye area. A very small amount goes a long way. It starts out white until it is fully absorbed by the skin where it becomes invisible. It comes in a convenient pump for ease of application. Z-Plus

After Sun Care Extra care should always be taken after having too much fun in the sun! We highly recommend that you keep Soothing Masque in the refrigerator during summer months. Everyone in the family will appreciate how it can instantly take the painful burn out of sunburn and help restore moisture in an instant!  Facial sun damage can be greatly reduced and moisture that has been lost to the sun can be swiftly restored with the miraculous properties of Repair Serum.

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