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A Natural Difference
Serum, Concentrates, Gels
These special treatments are the concentrated essence of modern active ingredients that provide extra care when needed. After peeling or exfoliation it is imperative to assist the skin in its natural desire to repair itself. Some of these are used at night to work while your body is at rest to help repair damage, while others provide the best protection during the day, used as a base, to help prevent future damage.
CELLULAR REPAIR CONCENTRATE  with Vitamin C+ This translucent liquid is an antioxidant  that increases collagen production and neutralizes UV damage.  Active ingredients guide and direct this HIGH CONCENTRATION  20% Vitamin C to “wage war” against damaged skin to minimize signs of aging. Cellular Repair Concentrate with Vitamin C+
CLARIFYING SERUM + AZELAIC(acne) This fast acting serum provides fast, visible results.  Controls bacteria and prevents inflammation while purifying, leaving skin clear and even. Also accelerates cellular activity to prevent  scarring and discoloration.  Helps to prevents further breakouts by killing bacteria responsible for acne.  Clarifying Serum
COBRA EYE SERUM with SYN-AKE Contains a tri-peptide derivative that mimics the activity of Waglerin I, a polypeptide found in the venom of the Temple Viper. In clinical trials this peptide reduced  facial mimic wrinkles by inhibiting muscle contractions.  Visibly smoothes and lifts the entire eye and lip area. Cobra Eye Serum
EGF SELECT Peels and exfoliation rapidly release skin cells causing the skin to defend itself by producing a protein called epidermal growth factor. EGF Select assists the skin’s desire to repair itself and works together with brighteners to even out the skin tone and rejuvenate the skin cells. A must after peels or exfoliations. EGF Select Serum
CHIRAL-A DISCOLORATION SOLUTION Excellent for anti-aging and skin brightening. This Retinol solution incorporates a high dose of Arbutin and antioxidants that will lighten the most stubborn skin. Best used at NIGHT before bedtime. No layering. Chiral A Discoloration
CHIRAL-A CONCENTRATE This new Retinol formulation is Chirally-Correct. The exact KEY (molecule) fits the exact LOCK (receptor) – opening the door to the unobstructed transference of matter to skin, resulting in prime absorption of ingredients it can now “recognize.” Paving the way to ageless, younger looking, glowing and healthier skin. Chiral A Concentrate
ERASE A LINE Not just another Retinol, but a fluid complex of Vitamin A and Glycolic heavy water with Amino Guanidine and Beta Fructan for better moisturizing.  Utilizes a potent Vitamin A , known for the anti-aging, softening and anti-wrinkle effect it has on mature skin and combats acne. Erase-A-Line
FIRMING SERUM A visibly tightening skin serum. This extremely effective serum features Hydroxypropyl-betacyolodextrins (HPBCD) which has a tensor effect and improves the look of aging skin, by forming a very thin film that is also elastic and resistant leading to a smoother effect.  HPBCD will indirectly soften the skin by preventing the loss of moisture. For best results use alternatively with Natox and Chiral Discoloration Solution.
HYDROTANT GEL This original formula is a unique oil free gel that contains shark cartilage and hyaluronic acid which has the ability to hold water for a much longer period of time than any other humectant. Hydrotant Gel moisturizes and is able to bind water to form a viscoelastic film that significantly tightens and improves the appearance of the skin.  Can be used under moisturizer. Hydrotant Gel
HYDRO-LANE Hyaluronic Acid with Oligopeptides  A step above our original formulation with  20% Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides. A true non-evasive, all-natural alternative to injections. This new technology and exceptional natural skin-like ingredient retains over 1000 times its weight in water and plumps the skin naturally to give the skin a dewy, youthful look. One of the most powerful anti-aging external topical products on the market.

REPAIR SERUM with Stem Cells  Buddleja DavidII Stems G™/The extracted stem cells from this remarkable plant are prepared at 20% volume in pure plant glycerine, without preservatives.

Proven safe and effective in three of the main causes of photo aging:Repair Serum with Stem Cells

• Protection from UV-induced oxidative stress

• Inhibits inflammation

• Controls cellular breakdown caused by UV  (MMP activation)This  miraculous Repair Serum also helps fight the formation of Advanced Glycation End products better than any topical treatment available today!  Ingredients include a Five Point System to disrupt the glycation process and protect mitochondria.

ROSADERM SOLUTION This anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant super rich form of licorice, assists the skin in addressing the symptoms of Rosacea, Photo-aged skin or Acne Rosacea  Daily usage of this solution can considerably improve the skin and will help reduce redness and relieve dryness of Rosacea or traumatized skin. Rosaderm Solution
REJUVENATION SERUM with Spin-Traps   Spin-traps rejuvenate the skin by altering its path of aging.  Since most damage is caused by rampant unstable free radicals spinning out of control, it is more intelligent to stop the spin with the Anti Radical Rejuvenation Serum Concentrate, the higher IQ antioxidant.
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