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About A Natural Difference

Our company's original objective in 1989 was to break through the clutter and confusion in the skin care marketplace. The goal was to deliver a group of products that not only would employ the most advanced principles of science but would also incorporate only the purest, natural ingredients—an extraordinary collection based on natural essences and extracts combined with the modern miracles of biotechnology. Anyone who has experienced our product line would agree that we achieved that goal.

Founder and President Christine Cowheard's highly effective Professional Treatments work synergistically with our Homecare product line. We have become a trusted leader in Natural Peelings preferred by well known European doctors and estheticians worldwide.

Our Products

We are continually investing in research to bring you the highest professional quality moisturizers, exfoliants, peels and serums. Please look around our site and discover how we have utilized...the science of skincare as nature intended.