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Moisturizers, Regeneration, Anti-Aging
Here you will find a variety of products from which to pick and choose, in discovering the perfect combination for your skin. Have you ever notice, then after period of time your favorite skin care product doesn't seem to work as well as it use to? Your skin has in essence become temporarily immune. When you introduce a new product, the skin cells are stimulated and respond accordingly. Skin care requirements also change with the seasons, due to the temperature fluctuations and exposure. This is why Natural Difference offer such a wide variety of products from which to choose. We want to help you to trick your skin into being the very best it can be!

EPIGROWTH EGF-DNA CRÈME This intensive high performance crème is clinically proven to help repair, balance and restore vital moisture. It rebuilds the skin with powerful ingredients including EGF, Vitamin E, Sea Buckthorn, Willowherb and Propolis. These actives improve skin texture, and fight oxidative damage while botanicals and lipids help soothe stressed skin. Epigrowth EGF-DNA Cream
CLARIFYING EURO CRÈME (acne) Contains antibacterial properties to boost the skin’s immune response for treating the cause of acne prone skin and also helps to clear acne, acne vulgaris and its reoccurrence. It is specially formulated to avoid the dryness that can occur with most acne crèmes. Clarifyinf Euro Cream
FIRMNESS ANTI-WRINKLE NIGHT CRÈME An exceptional complex of lifting ingredients which helps to minimize the apparent loss of firmness and restore radiant, youthful beauty. This uniquely concentrated formula promotes immediate and continuous benefits to effectively boost hydration and firmness of the surface layer of the skin. Skin actually feels firmer, smoother and softer upon awakening. Firmness Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream
OXYGEN CRÈME Ideal for all skin types. This very special crème lets skin breathe efficiently and provides oxygen necessary for the skin’s healthy survival.  This formulation facilitates the penetration of biologically active substances such as vitamins and minerals into the skin and increases their effectiveness. It promotes healing due to its ability to activate tissue breathing processes and the aeration of skin cells, speeding up repair and effectively slowing down the aging process. Oxygen Cream
OXY GEL (acne) The unique Peroxido-Menthene in this product is connected to a Menthol Spin Trap molecule which traps the reckless spinning radicals and uses the energy, for instead of against the cell’s life-giving act of respiration. This allows for better penetration of the Beta Glucan, Spinach Extract, Aloe Vera and Vitamin A and also increases their effectiveness.  The whole process helps to speed up new cell regeneration! Oxy Gel
PHYTO PUMPKIN MOISTURIZER This is a high performance anti-aging product, rich in chiral ingredients.  Enhances moisture levels in the epidermis and improves the general appearance of the skin.  Botanical extracts of Shea Butter, Pumpkin Oil and Evening Prime Rose help to soften and soothe the skin. Phyto Pumpkin Moisturizer
RESTORADERM The only product which defends the epidermis against minor irritations caused by wind, sun or cold, and disorders or lesions created by LASER WRINKLE TREATMENTS, DERMABRASION, CHEMICAL PEELINGS, and SUNBURN DAMAGE, resulting in a physical-chemical imbalance in facial skin cells. RESTORADERM is an emulsion infinitely better adapted for the care and protection of epidermal aggressions…much more than a moisturizer.
REJUVENATION CRÈME with Spin Traps / Anti-Aging  The superb benefits of spin traps help to effectively combat the negative effects of the environment and enhance daylong radiance, comfort and moisturizing.  Skin aging results from wide ranging temperature and humidity changes (indoors and outdoors).  Premature aging of the skin occurs from variations in light and the negative effects of UV rays responsible for the formation of free radicals.  Rejuvenation Crème is a rich luxurious moisturizer which repairs and rejuvenates the skin. Rejuvenation Cream
ROSA-DERM CRÈME Restore & Repair   Designed to repair post-damage while preventing future damages, it is the ultimate moisturizer for face and body.  A unique formulation that defends against adverse environmental conditions, stimulates repair and restores its protective function so that skin can retain moisture.  Rosaderm Crème offers optimal moisture care and promotes an immediate feeling of skin comfort.      Rosaderm Cream

NATOX The highest quality, most effectively formulated topical muscle relaxant in the marketplace today! It’s deep penetrating Peptides work on the neurotransmitters to relax muscle contractions and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. It helps to reduce wrinkles, facial folds and fine lines while improving elasticity and firmness.                                                     

TUNTURY CRÈME Nourishing ingredients are derived from a mossy growth in a very dark soil in the Arctic Tundra.  In nature, moss survives in the harsh arctic winter.  In very dry atmospheres and low temperatures, moss stays alive and actually prospers, retaining power over its environment. The chemistry of the human skin can appreciate these qualities, and seems to work in sync to provide a soft, supple skin texture. Tuntury Cream
ZESTY ORANGE MOISTURIZER This unique anti-aging formula diminishes fine lines and uses a delivery technology for maximum efficacy and hydration for a synergistic effect in rebuilding the skin’s extra cellular matrix by activating collagen biosynthesis and fibroblast proliferation.  Today’s aggressive environment demands advanced beauty therapy. Zesty Orange Moisturizer provides a visibly fresher appearance, a smooth skin texture and a firmer skin tone. Zesty Orange Moisturizer
GLYCOLIC POLYMER CREME The first product to offer the benefits of glycolic polymer without irritation. A revolutionary skin balancing complex available in different strengths. Glycolic Polymer Cream
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