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A Natural Difference

Cleansers, Scrubs, & Toners

Proper cleansing is the first and most important step in any skin care regime. We offer Liquid Gel and Bar Cleansers. Both are versatile and non-comedogenic with a light scent of essential natural oils. Formulated with hypo-allergenic properties for maximum clinical effectiveness, containing no sodium laurel sulfate and no perfumes or dyes.

Liquid Gel Cleansers

When mixed with water these gels work up to a creamy foaming lather that  lifts away make-up and dermal debris in seconds, purging destructive components from the skin. Nutrient rich ingredients such as Shea Butter, Licorice, Beta Glucosamine, Vitamin B, Calendula & Horse Chestnut, revive environmentally   stressed skin  and help make it appear smoother, healthier and dramatically softer.
Available in 4oz. and 8oz. pumps

ROSA-DERM CLEANSER This cleanser is excellent for very Dry skin types, Rosacea, Couperosed and Sensitive skin conditions. This cleanser is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and also acts as an anti-oxidant. It contains a super-rich form of Licorice to help reduce Erythema, edema, itching and any other redness caused by Rosacea. It also contains PBN Spintraps, a molecule that isolates and preserves free-radical, stopping their spin and hence preventing the damage that they can potentially cause and Bisabolol which is a soothing, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-septic botanical derivative. Good for any skin, especially for sensitive. Rosa-derm Foaming Cleanser
ZESTY ORANGE CLEANSER A gentle cleanser to remove environmental accumulation and/or makeup from the skin, assists in cleansing the skin with the most sensitive skin condition. This cleanser is revitalizing with a multitude of healthful nutrients and minerals such as Squalane, Licorice Root Extract, Pink Grapefruit Peel Oil, Sweet Orange Peel Oil and Red Mandarin Orange Oil. Helps purify and rebalance the skin. Great for any skin type. Zesty Orange Foaming Cleanser

Cleansing Bars

Each bar has extremely concentrated action to cleanse, nourish and address specific conditions. They are non-alkaline, non-irritating facial cleansers with luxurious lather for gentle yet thorough cleansing, to refresh and invigorate the skin. Cleansing bars maintain the skin's hydro-lipic balance and leave the skin satin smooth without feeling dry. Each cleansing bar has a different formulation with pure natural extracts to address all skin conditions.
Available in 5oz circular bars and sample size

Clarifying Cleansing Bar  A deep Cleansing Treatment to eliminate impurities, effrctive for acne and seborrea. Contains anti-bacterial properties and also a light and gentle exfoliant. Helps with acne and oily skin.

Cranberry Cleansing Bar  A Highly effective and mild cleanser with anti-bacterial properties. Great for any skin type. The most popupar.

Discoloration Cleansing Bar Treat spots and prevent discoloration.
Glucana Cleansing Bar For all skin types. This versatile cleanser can be used on all skin types and can also be used as a ‘shaving crème’ for men who want to prevent shaving rashes.
Balansing Cleansing Bar  This extremely mild cleanser is especially good in treating Eczemaand Psoriasis but is also excellent for use on Dry and/or Sensitiveskins. It is also very effective against skin conditions where scaling or accelerated cell proliferation is involved and can be used with unlimited regularity.
Sensitive Cleansing Bar Sensitive Cleansing Bar is extremely mild, containing moisturizing properties of mucopolysaccharides with moisturizing and retaining properties of beta fructan. Benefits dry skin.
Toners Our toners do much more than neutralize the pH and clear the skin of residues. These solutions are high in antioxidants which have the capability of interrupting or even prevent cellular onslaught. Scientifically proven ingredients are beneficial in preventing cellular damage and aging.
Available in 2oz, 4oz sprays
Anti-Radical: Contains the most potent anti-oxidants available. Any skin type, especially oily.
Cherry Berry: A natural organic solution containing cherry, blueberry & red wine extract. This effective plant and fruit compounds nourish the skin and men love to use it. Any skin type.
Cranberry: A natural organic solution containing cranberry extract with many hidden nutrients, vitamins, minerals, aminoacind and enzymes. The cranberyy is very high in antioxydants. Is has a compound known as a Vaccinuim, a natural form of Bensol peroxide to help to protect the cells from oxydative and inflamatory injury. Any skin type,especially oily.
Mango: Amazing plant and fruit compounds nourish and moisturize the skin.
P.P.E. Pumpkin:  Organic Solution contening pumpkin extract that has over 100 nutrients and vitamins and clove, cinnamon and ginger to energize the senses.
Zesty Orange: Contains many antioxidants, nutrients, vitamins and natural lactic acid to smooth the skin & maintain hydrophilic balance.
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